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1233 17th St, San Francisco , CA
415 6214455
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Happy Hour: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4pm to 7pm. Chosen by Rolling Stone magazine (RS 813) as "the best place to hear live music in San Francisco," the Bottom of the Hill presents some of the finest original artists, seven nights a week. Featuring up and coming acts from around the globe as well as in our own backyard, the music spans the spectrum from alternative, rock-a-billy, punk, and hard rock, to folk and funk and pop. -



  • Starfucker

    What's in a Name?
    09/24/2009 by David Johnson-Igra

    Starfucker, currently hosting a contest to help rename themselves, may be changing their image, but not their uplifting electro-pop sound. Known for their cross dressing antics, and non-stop dance par...  More »

  • Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow

    Something With Horns
    09/17/2009 by Matt Crawford

    Two parts Swede pop and one part New York hip, Miike Snow emerged in the form of a blinged-out jackalope -- a mythical bunny with antlers -- but this band is no joke. The trio has the musical pedigree...  More »

  • Nate Grover of Love is Chemicals

    The Icing on the Cake
    08/06/2009 by Matt Crawford

    The buzz surrounding Love is Chemicals has settled to a din lately, but the San Francisco band recently reached two major milestones. A year after the band self-released its sophomore album, S...  More »

  • James Petralli of White Denim

    At Home at SXSW
    03/26/2009 by Matt Crawford

    With Austin’s South by Southwest music conference in full swing, we checked in with James Petralli singer/guitarist for White Denim, the hometown buzz band in the city that is ground zero for the musi...  More »

  • Marnie Stern

    Kisses and All-Nighters
    03/12/2009 by Matt Crawford

    Even after a long day of interviews, housecleaning and preparing for a cross-country tour that ends at Bottom of the Hill on March 27th, Marnie Stern sounds as energetic and driven as her latest LP, <...  More »

  • The Advantage @ BOTH, 1/14

    Nintendo for the New Millennium
    01/06/2006 by Roger Thomasson

    For those of us in our middling to late 20's, there's much to cherish about that decade situated squarely between 1979 and 1990. We know this, of, course, because we were there and were young enough ...  More »

  • The Fucking Champs + Trans Am = The Fucking Am

    New Year's Eve at the BOTH
    12/23/2005 by sidra durst

    The Fucking Champs play prog-metal for indie rockers. The band, originally called C4AM95, formed in the Bay Area in 1995 and is comprised of just three members: guitarists Josh Smith (who has since l...  More »

  • The American Analog Set

    @ BOTH, 10/29 & 10/30
    10/24/2005 by Malcolm Maclachlan

    During American Analog Set's last trip to the Bottom on the Hill three years ago, an acquaintance in the audience nearby whispered, "What are these guys so depressed about? They're all like 21-years o...  More »

  • Birdmonster

    A New Kind of Beast
    06/24/2005 by Roger Thomasson

    San Francisco has a new beast to contend with -- the multi-faceted hydra called Birdmonster. Perched astride a multitude of genres, the San Francisco four-piece is tearing through the local scene wit...  More »

  • Beep Beep

    An Interview
    02/04/2005 by Chris Ellis

    It may be easy to dismiss Beep Beep simply as the black sheep from Omaha, Nebraska's Saddle Creek Label. With lyrics like, "OH NO! Why should I fight this force that compels me to make your lap a sna...  More »

  • 20 Minute Loop

    An Interview
    12/31/2004 by Jeremy Sampson

    Brace yourself: it's the ultimate indie rock cliché! Local band 20 Minute Loop isn't in it for the money or fame. They're in it for the music, man. Yeah, we know -- you've heard this one before. Count...  More »

  • The Arcade Fire

    The Right Balance
    11/26/2004 by Jeremy Sampson

    It's a fine line that exists in music these days between the emotional and the, gulp, pretentious. Add too much feeling to a composition and it seems somehow contrived or impure. Add too little and yo...  More »

  • Sebadoh

    Unlikely Reunion
    07/29/2004 by Roger Thomasson

    In traditional lo-fi style, the songwriting half of alt-noise/indie-folk pioneers Sebadoh are stopping by San Francisco on the last leg of their minimally hyped reunion tour. The rest of the band has ...  More »

  • The Delays

    World Class Brit-Pop for Less
    07/17/2004 by Roger Thomasson

    The Delays raise an interesting question. Is there any room in America today for well-produced, exuberant, thickly textured Brit-pop? With the Strokesian garage rock revolution seemingly turning back ...  More »

  • AC Newman

    Different but essentially the same
    07/03/2004 by Marco Panella

    It is always odd when the chief songwriter and creative force in a group decides to go solo. This is not an uncommon phenomenon. In most cases, as was the case with the most recent and notable Indie i...  More »

  • Pedro The Lion

    Moody and melancholy storytelling
    05/20/2004 by Marco Panella

    Seattleites Pedro the Lion bring their lilted indie-pop to Bottom of the Hill in support of their new CD, Achilles Heel, their first new release since 2002's Control. Mainstays on the indie rock scene...  More »

  • Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

    01/21/2004 by Jeremy Sampson

    Ted Leo and his band The Pharmacists are a relatively recent musical discovery for me. While formulating my thoughts for this very review, two things incessantly beat down the door of my brain:
    ...  More »

  • Juliana Hatfield and Some Girls

    10/03/2003 by Jeremy Sampson

    Juliana Hatfield is a name instantly recognized by even your average pop music fan, especially one who grew up in the early-'90s ("Wasn't she the chick who had that one song from the Reality Bites sou...  More »