Black Moth Super Rainbow

with Lemonade, maus haus, DJ Odd Nosdam

Wed Mar 19, 2008
Bottom of the Hill
Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9pm
Music, Rock
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"The opening of Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods rises out of the silence with the sticky intensity of a hot summer thunderstorm. It gathers itself together, as thunderstorms do, thickens, and then lets loose with crashing sheets of rain. Turn up the volume and you're engulfed. The album is short but it pushes a lot of action and heat into 25 minutes. It's a psychedelic mixture of gong, flute, drum, and analog synthesiser, recorded onto tape and then pieced together on computers. Every piece of the minimal singing has been fed through vocoders, dragged out, and made to echo, bleed, and vibrate until it sounds barely human. (The distortion is so pronounced that it took me a while to realise that the lyrics to the first song are, "Lost, picking flowers in the woods", repeated four or five times.) Despite the absence of acoustic sound the album seems organic." --Pop Matters


  1. Bottom of the Hill
    1233 17th St, San Francisco, CA