Bird By Snow, Sevenly Virtues, Spencer Owen, Jean Marie

Tue Jan 17, 2006
Hotel Utah Saloon
9 pm
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I began making music not too long ago, writing songs as I recorded them, because recording reminded me of sculpture, which I studied formally formerly. I settled upon the name of my band, Bird By Snow, in 2002, it is taken from a poem by e.e. cummings, that is very much about that small-town cold and lovely feeling I described above (see above). The band is me, and sometimes friends I want to play with, and whoever wants to play with me. So I sing songs about what is in me, which is a love for the world and everything in it, or maybe the feeling that everything in the world loves me, and my struggle not to hold it and be beholden by it. These are the same struggles and feelings that all humans have, if they are not too hungry to think about it, and even so, it is often the hungriest people who are the best at thinking this way. So Iíve grown my own grove of songs influenced by the spirit of living (dying), and guided by Japanese literature (Yukio Mishima), swimming (rivers), and the overwhelming sensation that I may be sucked off of the earth by the gravitational power of the moon (parenthesis).


  1. Hotel Utah Saloon
    500 4th St, San Francisco, CA