Berkeley Novel Critique Group

downtown Berkeley, Berkeley , CA
Literary, Writing Group
Mon (n/a)
Tue (7-9p.m.)
Wed-Sun (n/a)


This group is not currently accepting new members. You may email to ask to be placed on a waiting list.
This Berkeley-based novel critique group accepts members who meet these criteria: * Is writing a novel. * Has completed a draft of at least one novel. We want new members to be roughly at the same stage as we are: revising completed first novels or writing/revising novels that are not their first. * Has previously participated in a group or a class that involved extensive group critiquing. * Can commit to a) attending weekly meetings on Tuesday nights in downtown Berkeley, b) reading and critiquing a submission of 15-30 double spaced pages every week, and c) submitting 15-30 double spaced pages to the group about once a month. * Will not be offended by profanity, violence or sex scenes. * Knows how to separate criticism of a work from criticism of the author. * Has publication as a goal. If interested, please email: * 1-2 paragraphs about you and your writing experience. * A summary of your work in progress * The book's first chapter