Wed Dec 31
F8 | 1192 Folsom
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( ( (HOUSEPITALITY) ) ) welcomes 2015 with a double headlining lineup as we extend our hours and flex our Wednesdaynight reign by featuring two world-class American underground dance music authorities to lead us on an unforgettable butt-shaking journey to the stars:

Main Deck Captains:

::DEREK PLASLAIKO (Bunker, Ghostly | Berlin/Detroit)::

::DAVE AJU (Circus Company | SF/Berlin)::

**Master of Ceremonies, your host for the night: Dave Aju**

Main Deck Commanders

::SECRET STUDIO (Tyrel Williams & Bai-ee)::
**SS Records, Housepitality | SF**

::BOB CAMPBELL (Black Magic Disko | SF)::

Lounge Deck Lieutenants:

(JP Soul, Jason Greer Mike Bee, Joel Conway)

Every seven years NYE lands on a Wednesday and this is the lucky year for all of us. After 4 successful years of bringing your weekly Wednesday underground dance musical madness to F8, we are excited to invite you our version of NYE.

One of the most unique aspects of Housepitality is the underground party vibe. This is a direct result of good bookings, our staff and the fact that we host a very devoted mid-week underground music fan base. Anyone who goes out on Wednesday is either very SERIOUS about their love for this music or a very devout party person. Either way, because our atmosphere is filled with these hootin’ n’ hollerin’ dancing individuals, Housepitality has a truly genuine, special vibe - like no other in San Francisco. You'd be hard pressed to find anything like it anywhere on a weekend either, and even in most places in the U.S. This is something that our headliners confirm all the time. Having NYE on a Wednesday is the closest we've ever come to hosting a larger underground music listening audience, so we are making it VERY SPECIAL and yet staying true to our underground principles: keep it housepitable, we got you! Join us for The Interstellar Discotech featuring DEREK PLASLAIKO & DAVE AJU, also your Master of Ceremonies for the evening. We have crafted an extended experience as we open at 8pm and go till you can’t dance no mo!

DEREK PLASLAIKO makes his debut appearance at Housepitality. We were lucky to get him here on his American tour. His sets are in high demand after his legendary record-breaking 12 hour Boiler Room set that displayed the width and breath of his musical knowledge and deejay talent. Derek’s career is filled with so much experience and success that he eventually had to make the move to Berlin a few years ago to continue to scale his talent. We are excited to have him drop the needle on the record on our dance floor and deliver that magic he is known and love for. As if that wasn’t enough, the entire night will be hosted and emceed by DAVE AJU who is known to be one of the best party rockers we’ve ever known. As some of you know he has performed at Housepitality before and we consider him like an honorary resident here. San Francisco is his home and Housepitality is like his living room and he is excited to light up the floor with fresh cuts and lyrical prowess which defines his art. ILL.

Our very own TYREL WILLIAMS and BAI-EE have had a very successful 1st release of their new label and moniker SECRET STUDIOS, an actual place where they make beats.. Their first 12” vinyl ep sold out and on this night they will perform the sound they are crafting together. BOB FIVE and TREV CAMPBELL together become BOB CAMPBELL and aside from being featured at many local parties they run one of the most successful new underground music events called BLACK MAGIC DISKO. They will set things off in the main room. The lounge will be in full command by the trend setting djs who are crafting their brand of sound known as “CHUG.” JP SOUL, MIKE BEE, JOEL CONWAY and JASON GREER aka THE CHUG DEALERS… This sound can be described as somewhere between lo tempo house, disco and soul with a gritty edge. Expect a consistent head knocking psychedelic chug groove. It’s going to be a pretty night..

Join us Wednesday Dec 31st to celebrate more than just NYE. Lets celebrate our devotion to underground music. We Got U!!!

Tickets to this event will get you into the BLACK MAGIC DISKO after party at F8 starting at 6am. For more information check out



As a teen equally transfixed by Mojo and Wizard cassettes and Minor Threat 7”s, Plaslaiko followed the beats from his hometown 20 miles south of Detroit to the epicenter of Detroit techno, then enjoying its third wave of success. He quietly paid his dues on Detroit’s rave circuit, and was a crucial piece of the puzzle for the legendary Poorboy and Analog parties of the mid-nineties.

Some people filter through the record bins, taking what are on the wall or record store employee suggestions. Then there are people who dig deeper into the dusty crates, and absorb music like a sponge; ignoring labels, bucking trends and are forever on a quest to find the perfect record. The ones that make the staunchest of chin stroking, note taking trainspotters lose their shit on the dancefloor, hanging on every record from one to the next.

Derek Plaslaiko unquestionably falls into the latter category. As a teen equally transfixed by Mojo and Wizard cassettes and Minor Threat 7”s, Plaslaiko followed the beats from his hometown 20 miles south of Detroit to the epicenter of Detroit techno, then enjoying its third wave of success. He quietly paid his dues on Detroit’s rave circuit, and was a crucial piece of the puzzle for the legendary Poorboy and Analog parties of the mid-nineties. He quickly earned a reputation for forward thinking DJ sets that were clinical, sophisticated and extremely sensual. This combination resulted in a residency for Family, the weekly party at Detroit’s legendary Motor.

With a reputation for high energy sets that were versatile and tasteful, Plaslaiko slowly became in demand on the Midwestern club circuit; sharing the stage with such techno luminares as John Acquaviva, Kevin Saunderson, Richardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, and Matthew Herbert. It was also during that time Plaslaiko was asked by Carl Craig to perform at the inaugural edition of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

In 2003, Plaslaiko became part of the original team of DJs at Detroit’s Untitled parties, sharing a residency with Tadd Mullinix (aka James T. Cotton), Matthew Dear and Mike Servito. In 2004 he made the decision to head east and set up camp in New York City, determined to bring a slice of the Motor City to the Big Apple.

Currently, Derek is one of the resident DJs at the Bunker (Subtonic) in NYC, as well as an integral part of the Wolf + Lamb monthly parties. Most recently, he was honored in the Village Voice 2006 “Best Of” poll as New York’s Best Techno DJ.


San Francisco Bay Area native Marc Barrite created the DJ/production alias Dave Aju as a vehicle for his unique take on electronic music. Working at his own pace, Dave Aju has come to be known as a reliable source for fresh and expressive sounds, combining knowledge and passion for the roots of dance music culture with a natural fascination with sound and an adventurous approach, unafraid to try new things. A broad palette of outside musical influences can be found in Aju’s work, though his jazz upbringing and hip-hop foundation are clearly at the core, with an overall warm, laid back, unmistakably west coast vibe.
Dave Aju remixes, DJ sets, and live performances are currently in demand at labels, clubs, and festivals across the globe, and favored by a number of forward-thinking peers including Matthew Herbert, who has recently commissioned Aju for an EP release. His debut full-length album Open Wide is still causing a stir in the electronic music community after being nominated for the honorable Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik, and praised by both everyday music-lovers and esteemed colleagues for it’s bold attempt at bridging diverse sub-genres and the experimental yet effective use of only his mouth and voice as sound sources.


Comprised of two close friends and noted DJs, Secret Studio grew out of Chicago's influential House Music Community. Finding themselves transplanted on the west coast, it was in San Francisco that Bai-ee & Tyrel came together to realize their production strategy... #NoWeakShit

Secret Studio's "Acid Bath" SCS01 made quick rounds in Techno and Acid inspired House communities earlier this year. With documented drops by Maceo Plex at Cream Fields UK, Mike Servito in NYC/Vancouver, Justin Long in Chicago and Solar in San Francisco. Following that release Secret Studio moves in to the new year with their second 12" on SS Records, “Grime Time” featuring a remix by D-Wynn.


“Two wild and crazy guys” - SNL

It all started when Bob Five answered a phone call from Trev Campbell asking him if he would like to go B2B with him at a popular night club in San Francisco. After the session they knew they had a special energy and vibe that was separate from what either of them do by themselves. This led to the formation of the charismatic duo known as “Bob Campbell”.

Soon after they were DJing at underground parties and playing the hottest clubs in SF. They realized how their eclectic mix between the tech-influenced house and indie dance music Bob plays is the perfect antithesis to Trev’s more soulful take on tech-house. They discussed how the combination is like an ocean, building tides and creating waves using different rhythms, that change often, and changing the sounds through out their sets.

Bob Campbell is looking to keep their roll in the future as they continue to build their own party

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