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Hair Styles So Good, It's Almost a Crime
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 26, 2005)
Located in what's practically the dead center of the heart of the Castro, Notorious For Hair has been in business for almost 20 years. Notorious is a full-service salon and will take care of your appearance literally from head to toe. Everyday, clients ranging from drag queens to librarians pass through the red door and climb the stairs to the second floor location to have their hair and skin shaped to perfection. More
Refreshingly Unpretentious
By Nirmala Nataraj (Aug 4, 2005)
Marilyn Jaeger Skincare Studio may well be the best-kept secret in Laurel Heights. A posh little neighborhood known for its mixture of residential and commercial development, it's the kind of place where ritzy boutiques share breathing room with 1950s-style five and dime stores. Given Marilyn Jaeger's imposing reputation as harboring one of the most loyal client bases among San Francisco day spas, it's the kind of place you'd perhaps expect to see at the center of Fillmore Street's spa mecca or among the hubs of rejuvenation strewn so habitually around the Marina. More
The Perfect Urban Respite
By Nirmala Nataraj (Jul 28, 2005)
A brownie, a city view, and a 75-minute massage. I'm beginning to think this is all a girl needs to help her recharge from the midday Monday slump. It's 2 pm and I've just been checked into my appointment at Bliss Spa, which has only been open for a week -- but from the looks of it, is already attracting harried executives and pampered debutantes alike. More
The Art of Beauty
By Amy Sherman (Jul 8, 2005)
Welcome to the world of beautiful makeup and beautiful skin at Shu Uemura. Now located on Fillmore Street, the second American retail store named after famed Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura opened this May. Never heard of Shu Uemura? Like Max Factor before him, Uemura got his start in cosmetics in Hollywood for the entertainment industry before moving on to beautify the cognoscenti. More
Mani/Pedi Heaven at Reasonable Rates
By Nirmala Nataraj (Jun 24, 2005)
You'd think that in the midst of all the hip boutiques, hair salons, record stores, and other city fixtures, there would be more options for harried customers looking for a pampering fix. However, Dolci Beauty Lounge (formerly Bliss Beauty Lounge) is the only one-stop oasis for mani-pedi addicts in the entire neighborhood. And after only a year of being in operation, it's already a favorite among both locals and people just passing through. More
Decadence for Body and Soul
By Amy Sherman (Feb 11, 2005)
We know that for some, New Years' resolutions are still in effect. But Valentine's Day means sweet treats no matter what diet you might be on. This year if you or your beloved intend to "stick with the program" you can still indulge in something sweet that is entirely fat, sugar, and calorie free. Here are some of our favorite goodies to tantalize your body and soothe your soul. More
Change, In the Span of a Day
By Nirmala Nataraj (Jan 20, 2005)
Are you one of the millions of well-adjusted but occasionally self-conscious men or women who wouldn't mind a makeover but may not go so far as to humiliate yourself on 'The Swan' or 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'? However, if you're willing to get a few tips on how to clean up nice from some no-nonsense experts, then Guerilla Makeovers just might be for you. More
Cleaning Out the Mind's Cobwebs
By Nirmala Nataraj (Jan 7, 2005)
It's no surprise that San Francisco is a meditation cloud nine of sorts. Since the mid-sixties, when Buddhist meditation became popularized in the Bay Area, the practice of sitting with oneself and emptying the mind of all thoughts has mushroomed into hundreds of meditation centers -- more than a few, and most likely within walking distance of you. Whether you're interested in opening portals to spiritual awareness or just getting a few moments of peace and quiet, the following offerings will lead you into a personal nirvana away from the bustle of it all. More
By Nirmala Nataraj (Oct 14, 2004)
As soon as you walk into the Mission district's Scarlet Sage Herb Co, you're met with a torrent of aromas, colors, and other curiosities that trigger the senses and provide a pleasant stopover for unsuspecting window shoppers. A veritable mecca of alternative healing, Scarlet Sage is crammed with books, aromatherapy tools, oils, talismans, trinkets, and herbs. More
Cheap yet stylish haircuts
By Nirmala Nataraj (Oct 13, 2004)
I've always fantasized about having my hair hacked and fashioned at Bumble and Bumble, New York's premier salon. Certainly, I've visited some of the more talked-about spots in San Francisco in search of the perfect 'do, but I've always been gun-shy at the thought of shelling out $75 to ensure that my ends are tapered just so. More
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