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Soju with Style
By SFS Staff (Jan 5, 2005)
Lovers of the lounge lifestyle need no longer brave the hipster crowds to enjoy an elegantly understated bar experience. Witness RoHan Lounge, an Inner Richmond haunt which proves that upscale digs and a pretentious attitude can be mutually exclusive things. RoHan opened its doors in May 2001 and remains San Francisco's only bar to specialize in cocktails made with soju, a traditional Korean liquor. More
By Tracie Broom (Jan 2, 2005)
In a town where a reasonably-priced drink, plate of food or event space can be hard to find, the Rickshaw Stop is welcome to an overwhelming degree- it provides all three, with an abundance of space and style and zero pretension. More
A place to see and be seen
By SFS Staff (Jan 2, 2005)
Clift Hotel has been adopted into the same family as New York's Morgan, Royalton, Paramount, Hudson; Miami's Delano; Los Angeles' Mondrian; and London's St. Martins Lane and Sanderson. You cannot comprehend what it is to be a "jet setter" without having been in at least two of these highly stylized hotels crafted from gutting and renovating existing buildings. Of course that would be two on different coasts. More
Orbit Room Still in Full Rotation
By SFS Staff (Jan 2, 2005)
It's hard to get a good Caipirinha in this town. But the best I have had so far has been at Orbit Room, mixed by Alberta, one of the city's best bartenders. Her Caipirinha is a slightly salty, sour mix of Brazilian cachaca and lime juice- it's the real thing! And it will leave your saliva glands wishing it were Friday. The cocktail is listed among many other hard-hitters on the colorful menu, which also features the Side Car, the Sazerac and the Mint Julep among many others. But these are only a small portion of the bar's repertoire, which includes rare beasts such as the Champs Elysées, the Negroni, and the San Francisco. More
Smashes the Marina Stereotype
By SFS Staff (Dec 16, 2004)
Despite popular opinion, the Marina isn't simply a J.Crew catalog come to life. Sure, there are people in capri slacks having too much fun buying bread or some such thing. And yes, there are a lot of manicure salons and designer underpants shops. But beneath the Marina's seemingly Bushwood* exterior is one of the city's most laid back and fresh neighborhood bars. And they serve food until 1 am. This oasis in khaki land is Liverpool Lil's. And it's pretty fantastic. More
Raising the Bar in the Tenderloin
By SFS Staff (Dec 15, 2004)
Julip is a fine new addition to the burgeoning Trendyloin lounge scene. The windows and jukebox are cleverly decorated with classical sheet music, and the hardwood floor and thrift-store furniture add a warmth that offsets the sterility of the slick metal bar. The DJ spins ambient dance music in the early part of the evening, but picks up the pace with some hip-hop to draw a healthy crowd of dancers. More
By SFS Staff (Dec 15, 2004)
The first signs of Jade are the two absinthe-green lights above the bar's entrance on Gough Street. Thankfully, all associations with absinthe's lurid, little devil vanish upon entering this bar and lounge, open since early 2003 and already a favorite Hayes Valley haunt. Jade evokes an aquatic, Asian, orchid garden. The sound and view of busy Gough Street are blocked by a three-story waterfall that collects in a reflecting pool on the first floor of the bar. Small, glittery tiles covering the walls and mirrors behind the bar make the space seem larger. But do not be fooled. More
By genevieve robertson (Dec 15, 2004)
Is the concept outdated? Are true happy hours dead? I was on a search for the elusive happiest of happy hours. I asked everyone I know, most in the restaurant business, and got a lot of blank stares. Food and drink specials in one place at one time? I scanned the local papers, made phone calls and eventually came up with a list of places that warranted checking out both for the deals promised and the atmosphere I was seeking. More
By Tracie Broom (Dec 14, 2004)
So you're skipping dinner but you need to add some public stimulation to your evening. Then it's time to visit one of the plenty makeout bars in this town. More
Where Anything (and Everyone) Goes
By Mandy Kemp (Dec 10, 2004)
1751 Social Club, located in the Fulton Street building formerly occupied by the Creole restaurant and hip-hop club Storyville, was a mystery to us. Considering the slew of "Best of CitySearch" awards that were claimed in 2004 by the tiny, seemingly obscure spot in a quiet, residential neighborhood, we couldn’t help but wonder what all the fuss was about. With just the right amount of kitsch, a menu full of nicely-priced comfort food, and a happening club scene to boot, the mystery quickly dissolved. 1751 is aptly named; it’s a social gathering space with vibrant personality, giving it true mass appeal. More
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