Sat Mar 21, 2009
Former Brickhouse office
1pm - 5pm
$5 - $10
City, Food & Drink, Food Services, Organization, Restaurants
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In the spirit of barcamp, we are organizing the first bay area BaconCamp. It is a celebration of all things bacon. Bring a dish, bring yourself, bring friends, bring whatever you think will make the experience complete.

Not sure what to present? Short demonstrations on how to prepare your favorite bacon dish or tips on the basics - how to best prepare bacon (microwave versus campfire, etc.) or a comical what not to do when preparing bacon, how best to wrap crispy bacon around melted marshmallows (or do you wrap the bacon around the marshmallow and then put in the campfire?).

Creativity is encouraged! Can't cook? That's ok! Techniques, poems, interpretive dance, anything! What about an Ode to Bacon? or a Haiku?

Can't write? That's ok too! What about a short animation of Bacon's delight at throwing a brunch for friends and being the center of attention? What about Bacon-inspired fabric designs - potholders or tablecloths?

You get what we mean - as long as your idea is bacon-licious we love it!

There will be prizes! (In case the delicious temptation of fatty pork isn't enough...)

All proceeds go to the American Heart Association


  1. Former Brickhouse office
    500 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA