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7595 Redwood Blvd, Novato , CA
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On your first visit we will answer all four of these questions and concerns to the best of our ability. After a consultation and examination we should have a pretty good indea of what your problem is and if we will be able to help.

If we feel your diagnosis is not one chiropractic can help we will refer you to the proper specialist.

Can We Help: At the end of the consultation and examination we will have a pretty good idea of what is causing your pain. If this is the case we will share with you all our findings and all treatment options prior to initiating care.

How Long Before I Will Feel Better: If we find you have a condition chiropractic can help we will start the process of relieving your pain. The appropriate therapy will be dependent on your condition. Rest assured we will start the process of getting you pain free as quickly as possible.

How Much Will Treatment Cost: Prior to any treatment our staff will discuses all possible cost issues. If you have health insurance our staff will verity your chiropractic benefits and share your chiropractic coverage.

We understand that if you have never been to a chiropractor you may be even more apprehensive with additional questions. You can be assured we will share with you all relevant information to ease your concerns.