Bay Area Disco Presents

"Downtown Disco"

Beats To Keep You Moving

Event has passed (Fri Oct 11, 2013 - Sat Sep 6, 2014)
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Bay Area Disco is the unique sound of disco, soul, classic, nu disco and deep house beats mixed together to create an ultimate groove that keeps you moving all night long! Come join Downtown San Francisco's best disco party!

This is a place where we can be FREE from commercial, mainstream, top 40 tracks and meet individuals who truly enjoy the happiness that DISCO brings!

"Last night I had a vision of a disco in the sky, I saw angels and saints dancing together. Like the mystical dream it clouded my mind but I remembered to move, I remembered that groove. I remembered the thump of the bass and the pump of the kick, because my heart was almost out my body and I felt free, I felt joy, I felt things I never thought Id feel before. It was deep, it was soulful, it was DISCO!"



DaDa Lounge
86 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA
Event has passed

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  1. DaDa Lounge
    86 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA