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Toyota Prius, courtesy of
A Hybrid Solution to Bay Area Gas Woes
By Cliff Samaniego (Mar 18, 2005)
The IRS and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are fueling the sale of hybrids by offering a $2000 tax deduction (depending on your tax bracket) and opening up California's commuter lanes for hybrid drivers (even if you're a single occupant). In 2004 alone 79,000 hybrid automobiles were sold in the United States. Becoming a quick alternative to gas guzzling SUVs, hybrids reduce our dependence on foreign oil and decrease fuel emissions. But are hybrids affordable for the average Joe? What makes and models are available for a test drive? Let's kick the tires and give the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic a jumpstart.
image courtesy of Scuderia
A Moto Shop That Welcomes Rather than Intimidates
By Jialin Luh (Feb 18, 2005)
If ever you've had qualms about setting foot in a motorcycle shop for fear of elitism, pretentiousness and attitude, lay your trepidation to the grave. San Francisco's own Scuderia West is an inviting and invaluable resource for novice riders, racers and bike collectors alike.
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