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Markets & Specialty Food
By Anhoni Patel (Sep 15, 2010)
Top Chef Just Desserts is premiering tonight, 10/9c (Have you seen the trailers? It looks like a hot mess) and in honor several amazing bakeries around town are giving away FREE sweets today from 1pm-3pm. Check it out! More
Markets & Specialty Food
Give Him Something To Remember
By Jialin Luh (Jun 12, 2009)
Father’s Day is little over a week away. Maybe you count yourself among the 9.4% nationally unemployed (according to stats as of June 5). Or maybe you’re just pinching pennies, saving for a rainy day. Or hell, maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t feel the need to spend money to let the dads in your life know you find them endearing. Whatever your philosophy, there’s still time and ways to make this Father’s Day memorable without breaking the bank while offering a San Francisco bent to things and supporting local businesses. More
Markets & Specialty Food
Let Us Eat Cake!
By grace chen (Jul 13, 2007)
Encased behind protective glass counters like diamonds in a jewelry store, displays of cupcakes may soon become not only a girl’s new best friend, but also everyone’s new guiltiest indulgence. Like diamonds, these baked creations come in different sizes. They glisten with buttercream and Italian meringue frosting. Colors and brilliancy range from vanilla white to pearly pink. Best of all, they come in their own version of Tiffany boxes without the Tiffany prices. More
Markets & Specialty Food
I Want Candy!
By Amy Sherman (May 17, 2007)
You’ll feel like a kid in The Candy Store, a clean and bright new candy shop, just off a busy section of Polk Street on Russian Hill. Owner Diane Campbell wasn’t allowed to eat candy when she was a kid, which only made her crave the stuff even more. Now her childhood obsession has become an adult profession. More
Markets & Specialty Food
Sweet Dreams are Made of...Miette Confiserie Candy
By Helene Goupil (Mar 30, 2007)
The organic cakes, the sweet Parisian macaroons and the silky pots de crème weren’t enough. Caitlin Williams and Meg Ray are now tempting our sweet tooth with a new store full of chocolates covered in silver metallic wrappers and candy from the four corners of the world. More
Markets & Specialty Food
Cooking From Scratch to Success
By Gloria Tai (Mar 29, 2007)
It’s Saturday morning at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. Amidst the sea of local produce and meat purveyors, one booth in particular has become the darling of them all, just two months after its introduction to the market. Walk into La Cocina's booth, and you will find unique and delicious prepared foods that range from South African meat puffs to homemade plantain chips to Brazilian honey cakes. More
Markets & Specialty Food
Culinary Concepts
By Jialin Luh (Nov 17, 2006)
With Thanksgiving and all the other holidays just around the corner, it’s easy to stress about food. But it doesn’t have to be that way; whether you are searching for solutions for creating the perfect holiday feast or some more creative gift ideas for the foodie in your life, here are some culinary ideas sure to dazzle. More
Markets & Specialty Food
Fresh for Valentine's Day
By Amy Sherman (Feb 11, 2005)
Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate. The Bay Area's love affair with chocolate dates back to the gold rush era, long before the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars made their debut. In fact, Ghirardelli began making chocolate at its landmark waterfront factory in 1852. But today we have many more decadent choices for indulging our sweethearts and our sweet tooth. More
Markets & Specialty Food
By Amy Sherman (Jan 9, 2005)
Unlike many gourmet stores you may have visited, Yum is open, light, airy and thoroughly unpretentious. As a result it has become a real destination for locals who bring in friends and family. The store is broken into what Frohlich calls "lands," as in snackland, bakingland, etc. Playful touches seem to reinforce the pleasure inherent in the name Yum; a sleek chrome medicine cabinet houses a precious collection of vinegars and essences, a wall of rainbow soda bottles frames the front counter and the staff greets everyone with a gracious offer of a beverage. More
Markets & Specialty Food
By Gloria Tai (Oct 14, 2004)
Imperial silver noodles, "Monkey-Picked" Tieguanyin, bamboo aged Pu-erh, and boba tea might sound like witches brew, but these are an interesting few of the finest and most flavorful types of tea to consider besides your everyday green tea and English breakfast. Too long overrun by coffeehouses in every nook of the city, tea finally plays the star of the show at three recently opened teashops, with a fourth on the way. More
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