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Home & Garden
Mixing Unlikely Elements for Your Good Taste
By Michelle Sieling (Oct 9, 2009)
For those of you familiar with Rose and Radish from its days as a floral shop, you’ll have to change your mindset as the focus of the store has been altered. Now instead of floral design as the centerpiece, the store is devoted to facets of home design More
Home & Garden
A Flower Design Shop Branches Out
By grace chen (Sep 11, 2009)
Over the years Hayes Valley’s seedy scene of drugs and crime has eroded. In the last decade or so it has sprouted into a bustling enclave of trendy boutiques, chic salons, sunny sidewalk cafés and hip restaurants that line not only its main thoroughfare, Hayes Street, but also its side alleys. The latest addition to take root is BirchMore
Home & Garden
Celebrate A Green Christmas!
By SFS Staff (Dec 12, 2007)
Here is a guide to my favorite 12 eco-friendly gifts, there is some shipping involved but one can also carbon offset their holiday travel/shipping. Lots of these items are under $100, so it won’t break your piggy bank. More
Home & Garden
All the Comforts of Home
By Jialin Luh (Jun 22, 2007)
No two visits to Aldea, a hip home furnishings store in the Mission, are apt to be the same. Well, there may be one thing: you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy and may leave the sensory-rich experience with an inspiration for redesigning your home. Store proprietor Johanna Bialkin moved to San Francisco from New York inspired by a project where interior designers and architects redesigned an apartment every six months, and the results are fresh and dazzling. More
Home & Garden
Design To Put You in the Zone
By Michelle Sieling (May 24, 2007)
I was watching Hustle & Flow the other night and found myself distracted for a second as Terrance Howard’s character Djay passed through a colorful plastic curtain as he was about to throw his girlfriend and her stuff out the front door. Maybe the set designer didn’t want me to pay too much attention to that curtain, but it was put there to tell me something. I was meant to feel that this man, who was struggling to keep on top of his life, was still trying to put a little flash into his space. That’s probably what we all want in our own space, a little color, a little personality, and a little character to brighten our daily lives. More
Home & Garden
Bring a Bit of Spring Indoors
By Michelle Sieling (Apr 5, 2007)
Along with colored eggs, rabbits and yellow marshmallow Peeps, “colorful” makes me think of Easter and the return of spring. Aside from the Peeps, all of those things symbolize the ideas of fertility, abundance and renewal associated with the season. Furthermore, fresh floral arrangements brighten your home and give one the feeling of hope associated with new beginnings. More
Home & Garden
They’ve got it
By Michelle Sieling (Nov 2, 2006)
I recently read that household décor design is the art of our time. Though that’s a bold statement, I agree with it to some extent. I’m obsessed with home décor. I bookmark websites like http://www.shelterrific.com and http://www.thecoolhunter.net/ for frequent visits, salivating over the rich colors and lines, even though I have no use for the household goods they link to as I live in an in-law about the size of a hotel room. More
Home & Garden
Shopping For The Gift That Gives Twice
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 18, 2006)
A couple weeks ago, as I walked down Castro Street, my eye was drawn to two skateboards in a shop window, one blue and one green, both with a simple white Hawaiian floral pattern. I stopped and scanned the front window display of a modern home wares and gifts store. I was hooked. I’ve been getting my hair cut at a salon near this store, Under One Roof on Castro Street near 18th Street, for the past year, but somehow I had passed by without ever noticing it before. I’m not sure how that is possible, but it’s true. A place like this should not be ignored. More
Home & Garden
A Dream Come True
By Jialin Luh (Mar 10, 2006)
Love struck Diane Valranges deeply and madly when she first set foot in San Francisco 12 years ago. Having realized her first dream in life of becoming a journalist, the French native set her sights and heart on her next dream: moving to our city. Formidable immigration laws obstructed her path, but she came back with a fervor and vision of using her taste for beauty to open a French home décor store. Thus, Peche Mignon is not only a dream come true for Valranges, but also for us lucky San Franciscans who now need only travel as far as the Inner Richmond to procure unique and charming items from France. More
Home & Garden
Vibrant Vintage
By Michelle Sieling (Dec 9, 2005)
There's something meditative about spending a rainy afternoon browsing through a vintage shop. I often catch myself staring at an old coffee cup or faded photograph for five or ten minutes, lost in the recollection of some childhood visit to my grandmother's house or imagining what life was like for whoever owned the artifact before. More
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