Mon Dec 10, 2012
Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
7pm - Show @ 8pm


"Rhythm is what makes a good Afrobeat record," says Gabriel Roth, Daptone Records co-founder, producer and connoisseur of all things funky. "Not just the rhythm section, but the rhythm of the horns, the rhythm of the vocals, the rhythm of the keyboards, everybodys rhythm. Its not just being about being right or wrong in your rhythm, or being good at it, but its about feeling something the same way, swinging the same way, anticipating things the same way, and hitting things the same way everybody hearing music the same way, and being able to turn all those instruments into one voice.

"Antibalas is the only band that can do that, right now. Thats why theyre still at the front of the scene, after all these years."

Fourteen years after their first gig, and five since the release of their last album, 2007′s Security, Antibalas Afrobeats premier second-wave ensemble are back with their fifth full-length release. Simply titled Antibalas, the album is both a blazing reaffirmation of the NYC bands collective musical strengths, and a hard-hitting continuation of their funkified excursions into what Antibalas founder and baritone saxophonist Martn Perna calls "our vault of esoteric sounds and knowledge."

"We kicked around a couple of different titles," Perna explains, "but we could all agree on Antibalas. Were always who we have been, and this is what we are and what were about, without any frills. If youve never heard any of our albums before, this is the one to listen to."

"Musically, its our best playing as a band," says trumpeter Jordan McLean. "Were having more fun together, were all breathing in sync, the structures of the compositions and the overall sound are tighter, and the band is sounding better than ever."


  1. Great American Music Hall (GAMH)
    859 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA