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Anthony Russell

SF Station Writer

Anthony Russell's Articles
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Thinking East? Head North
By Anthony Russell (Jul 12, 2005)
Far be it from me to take shopping pointers from the tourists who liberally populate San Francisco on a regular basis -- I would rather be the one dispensing the tips as opposed to receiving them -- but in consideration of the narrow tourist-choked streets of Grant Avenue, I'm beginning to suspect perhaps the out-of-towners are onto something. More »
Elope with the Past
By Anthony Russell (Jun 15, 2005)
Imagine your family attic with pedigree -- the amassed objects of a rococo duchess, a Victorian globetrotter and a flapper-heiress, all dangling alluringly from your family tree -- and you have an idea of the delights that the small confines of Gypsy Honeymoon has been providing San Francisco for the past six years. More »
Anthony Russell's Articles
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