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Sensation Without Substance
By Ann Taylor (Jan 20, 2009)
Unfortunately, as evidenced in "Dancing with the Stars", sensationalism has overtaken ballroom dancing. [b]Burn the Floor[/b] is a dance phenomenon akin to "Dancing With the Stars" that provides a sensational, sensuous spectacle for audiences, but lacks the graceful style and elegance of the Fred-and-Ginger days More »
An Electrifying Take On A Touchy Subject
By Ann Taylor (Jan 06, 2009)
Few are perhaps aware that one of the first devices to benefit from the harnessing of electricity was, in addition to the toaster, the vibrator. Yes, that kind of vibrator. In the 19th century, doctors on the cutting edge of medical progress armed themselves with electric vibrators in the battle against hysteria. “Hysteria” was a blanket term for numerous “illnesses”, from anxiety and depression to outspokenness, and was primarily applied to women. Doctors felt that hysteria was caused by an excess of fluid in the womb that needed to be released through “paroxysms”- orgasms. More »
Splendor and Spectacle
By Ann Taylor (Dec 09, 2009)
Yves Saint Laurent is perhaps one of the most famous names in fashion, and this exhibition shows us exactly why. From clean, elegant lines to outrageous color combinations and materials, Yves Saint Laurent’s designs present a fantastic palette of fashion, its evolution as well as aberrations. The exhibition is a retrospective of Laurent’s work since the 1960s, covering not only a broad time period, but also a huge number of styles, materials, themes, influences, and interests. More »
A Sensuous Garden of Delights
By Ann Taylor (Dec 05, 2009)
The stories of the [b]1001 Nights[/b] conjure exotic images of glittering jewels, desert caravans, magic genies in long-forgotten lamps, and evil viziers plotting to overtake the kingdom. However, also included are simpler, more human tales of love, betrayal, honor, forgiveness, kindness, death, and bodily functions. It is these aspects of the stories that Mary Zimmerman takes up in her play, “The Arabian Nights." While the times and places that she captures are beautiful, faraway, and exotic, the stories that she chooses to tell, and the way in which she chooses to tell them, are surprisingly familiar. More »
The Light of Dark Days
By Ann Taylor (Nov 20, 2008)
The holiday season is upon us, and Christmas carols blare from every department store while garish displays persuade consumers to show their appreciation of loved ones through the purchase of material goods. It is also at this time of year that we are reminded to look past the temptations of material culture and consider the true spirit of whichever holiday we choose to celebrate. Regardless of how we greet this time of year, whether with excited anticipation or with concentrated avoidance, it does present us with a unique opportunity: to experience an abundance of artistic endeavors that celebrate the creative spirit. More »
Solid Gothic
By Ann Taylor (Sep 17, 2008)
As I walk into the Exit Theatre, it is as though I am entering the bowels of Hell itself-- the hallway narrows and darkens, and I find an empty seat in the tiny black womb of the theatre. The stage is small, the setting spare: a stool in the middle, a hanging cloak, and four grinning skulls contemplating the action that is about to unfold. I am vividly reminded of Faustian tales of men selling their souls to the devil in return for magical knowledge. In fact, the play I am here to see is just such a story. More »
Not just another Beauty and the Beast
By Ann Taylor (Jul 08, 2008)
Anyone who has ever watched the cartoon "Gargoyles" remembers the impossible love that blossomed between Goliath, the leader of the gargoyles, and Elisa, the savvy New York City cop. He was an enormous, frightening creature who turned to stone during the day, while she was an ordinary (but beautiful and talented) human. Their love remained, sadly, unconsummated. Just as in the cartoon, Andrew Davidson’s novel, [b]The Gargoyle[/b], also tells the story of a man who, despite his frightening appearance, has an unconsummated love affair with a beautiful woman. He, like the stone gargoyles that she carves, is carved away in order to become whole. More »
Ann Taylor's Articles
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