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Fisher Collection at SFMOMA
By Ann Taylor (May 29, 2010)
[b]Calder to Warhol: Introducing the Fisher Collection[/b] gives viewers a small taste of the Fisher's generous bounty at SFMOMA. More »
A Dazzling Display
By Ann Taylor (May 09, 2010)
[b]Impressionist Paris[/b] gives viewers an extraordinary glimpse into what was happening city-wide when great works by Bougereau, Monet, and Degas were created. More »
From Musee D’Orsay to de Young
By Ann Taylor (Apr 21, 2010)
You don’t have to travel all the way to Paris to see genuine Impressionist art. A selection of Impressionist works from Paris is now at the de Young. More »
High-Flying Fun
By Ann Taylor (Apr 14, 2010)
Peter Pan has been remade yet again, this time with a theater production that incorporates CGI technology. More »
Intimately Honest
By Ann Taylor (Apr 07, 2010)
The third installment in the Chinese Culture Center’s annual solo exhibition series, Stella Zhang’s [b]0-Viewpoint[/b] is a refreshing juxtaposition of imagery and texture. More »
Flat but Fun
By Ann Taylor (Mar 16, 2010)
[b]Girlfriend[/b] captures the uncertainty, embarrassment, unfairness, and soaring joy of first love with Matthew Sweet’s mellow, melodic music. More »
Doodles Elevated
By Ann Taylor (Feb 12, 2010)
[b]Paper! Awesome![/b] brings notebook artwork to fine-art status at Baer Ridgeway Exhibition. More »
A Challenge to Cheesecake
By Ann Taylor (Jan 19, 2010)
[b]The Bodies Are Back[/b] is shocking, challenging, confusing, compelling, and more. More »
Bring on the Bling
By Ann Taylor (Nov 31, 2009)
Worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Grace of Monaco, Cartier’s jewelry evokes images of the perfectly tailored suits and elegant gowns of movie stars, royalty, and society women. More »
Buggin' Out
By Ann Taylor (Nov 11, 2009)
A close view of the microscopic world of bugs, [b]Ovo[/b] plays on the antics and abilities of numerous species in order to present mind-boggling and awe-inspiring acrobatic feats, fantastic costumes, and a rather humorous plot. More »
Ann Taylor's Articles
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