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Journey Through an Artistic Wormhole
By Ann Taylor (Jun 03, 2014)
[b]What’s It All Mean[/b] is all that a retrospective should be and more. It gives viewers a glance at Wiley’s body of work and indicates, at least in a small way, the scope of his artistic talents. More »
300 Breathtaking Views of Japan
By Ann Taylor (May 04, 2012)
San Francisco is lucky enough to have two excellent exhibitions that complement each other nicely. More »
Unguarded Moments Captured
By Ann Taylor (May 04, 2012)
Two exhibitions currently showing at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art allow viewers a glimpse both carefully staged and unanticipated photos. More »
Wonderfully Maddening
By Ann Taylor (May 04, 2012)
A fascinating collection consisting of a diverse array of subject matter, the Luc Tuymans exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art provides a compelling look into the work of this important contemporary artist. More »
California Style at SFMOMA
By Ann Taylor (May 04, 2012)
[b]The View From Here[/b], drawn from SFMOMA’s own collections, is part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the museum. More »
Art for the Information Age
By Ann Taylor (Feb 07, 2011)
[b]Hiding in Plain Sight[/b] is essentially a mass of ever-changing images that provides a perpetual alibi for every moment of Hasan Elahi’s life since 2003 More »
Visions in Paper
By Ann Taylor (Jan 10, 2011)
Isabelle de Borchgrave recreates some of the most classic and complex fashion designs in the world with paper. More »
A Master Storyteller
By Ann Taylor (Dec 20, 2011)
Mike Daisey’s [b]The Last Cargo Cult[/b] follows in the best of storytelling traditions, interweaving both the exciting and the mundane in a hilarious and engrossing tale. More »
Iconic Rock ’n' Roll Images
By Ann Taylor (Jul 19, 2010)
During the reign of vinyl, album covers were high art, often rivaling the very music they encased. More »
A World Saturated in Color
By Ann Taylor (Jul 05, 2010)
[b]To Dye For[/b] presents over 50 objects from the museum’s collections that represent six different dying techniques. More »
Ann Taylor's Articles
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