Mills College Art Museum Presents

An Artist's Dozen

Mills College Senior Thesis Exhibition Opening

Sat Apr 2, 2011
Mills College Art Museum
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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The Mills College Art Museum announces An Artistís Dozen, the senior thesis exhibition, on view from March 29 through April 17, 2011.

An Artistís Dozen celebrates the final bodies of work produced by the graduating class of the Mills College Studio Arts program as they launch their careers and lives in many different directions. The artists featured in this exhibition are undergraduate students presenting their final thesis projects, and wish to extend their utmost gratitude to the Mills College faculty and staff whom they have studied with: JoAnne Bernstein, John Bischoff, Jennifer Brandon, Ken Burke, Freddy Chandra, Julie Chen, Stacie Daniels, James Fei, Michael Hall, Samara Halperin, Stephanie Hanor, David Linger, Hung Liu, Kija Lucas, Marilyn Mary, Robin McDonnell, Barbara Mendoza, Mary-Ann Milford, Anna Valentina Murch, Ron Nagle, Lisa Regan, Moira Roth, Hannah Tandeta, Michael Temperio, Deirdre Visser, Catherine Wagner, Kathleen Walkup, and Ethan Worden.

Featured artists:

Dru Anderson uses pastel chalks, oil, ink, and collage to capture the psychological and physical effects of war and domestic abuse on people of color.

Anna Basalaev-Binder explores ideas of what is imperfect, beautiful, industrial, ugly, and queer in her large-scale drawings and paintings. Her work often focuses on home and the places that she has lived.

Jane Baker Bowyer uses non-traditional painting tools such as sticks, brooms, sponges, and long branches to create a series of abstract paintings. She explores her identity and connection to a 300-year old oak grove outside her bedroom window, which acts as a ďwitnessĒ to her everyday actions and feelings.

Rhea Cutillo is drawn to the idea of freedom, the open road, and to the connection and interaction between people. Her haunting photographs comment on society's approach to how we treat one another.

Xochi Lubin-Amayaís mixed media projects showcase an investigation and fascination with abundant findings of paper and plastic. Her collection references the bird nesting process of creating environments as well as comments on the role we play in the rapid production, consumption, and disposal of these materials.

Aarika Martinís recent work pays tribute to her late grandfather through painting, ceramics, and photography.

Meryl Olah examines the inextricable relationship between chance and control through sculpture and repetitious photographs.

Kristin Palmblad focuses on telling stories rooted in history and nature through detailed wire sculptures and ceramic scenes. She works to unravel a mystery for viewers to discover one clue at a time by manipulating surfaces.

Jennifer Peart re-contextualizes leftover fragments of past utopian thought and design to emphasize the correlation between architectural space and psychological space. In both painting and photography, she creates fantastical and impossible dream spaces that feed her own optimism and faith in human progress.

Alysson Raymond explores the relationships between nature and the human body, finding ways in which objects taken from nature transcend their original state when examined from a new perspective.

Christine Shea investigates the psychological, personal, and political questions of how we cope when we lose everything that defines who we are as individuals. Her pen and ink drawings, photography, and animated projections re-imagine the mundane, visit the past, and gain insight to the future.

Emily Tang Yang Yang Spear examines narcissistic fantasies and unfortunate events through video, or what she considers a visual poem.

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