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2455 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley , CA
+1 510.549.1125
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Mon-Thu (11am-8pm)
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In 1990 Amoeba Music was born on Telegraph Avenue in one of California's most exciting and revolutionary cities -- Berkeley.  The passion we shared with our customers for a truly broad, expertly stocked music selection at an irresistible price quickly kindled into a strong community and widespread attention.  Since then we've expanded many times, and opened stores in two major California cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Today, music lovers come from far and near to visit the original Amoeba Music, shop our hundreds of thousands of new and used CDs and LPs, and enjoy the unique Berkeley vibe.  We've earned years of acclaim and built a reputation as one of California's best music stores.  Come visit and you'll see why!  (



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  • @ktschiller ...recently but we're not doing it for BOH. The pre-order is just for the signed poster (since there's no signing after).
  • @ktschiller Unfortunately there was misinformation about this event & guaranteed entry. We've done that for a few of the bigger shows..
  • @ktschiller There's no guaranteed entry for this show, and you don't need to pre-order it to come watch. It's just for the signed poster.