Alameda Lymphedema & PT Center

512 Westline Dr, Alameda , CA
(510) 502-2391
Chiropractor, Health & Wellness
Mon-Fri (1:30pm-6:30pm)
Sat (8am-12pm)
Sun (Closed)
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Certified Lymphedema Therapist/Licensed Physical Therapist offering IN-CLINIC & IN-HOME Lymphedema Treatment program & physical therapy to anyone diagnosed with (but not limited to)(1) Primary or (2) Secondary Lymphedema due to post-surgical dissection of Lymph nodes for  gynecological cancers (breast, vulva), prostate, other oncological conditions (head & neck), radiation therapy, trauma, post-surgical (Total knee replacements, vein stripping, peripheral vascular surgeries, infection, obesity, venous/lymphatic insuffiency. Treatment may include all or any of the ff: (1)Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) (2)Multi-Layered Bandaging (MLB) (3) Individualized exercise program (4) SKin/Wound Care (5) Measurement and fitting of compression garments (6)Self-care/self-management techniques (7) Education in risk-reduction and exacerbation prevention (8) Diet and Nutrition recommendations.
Also offers free phone-consultation.