Adam David Miller


Thu Nov 29, 2007
Cody's Books - Closed
7:00 PM


Adam David Miller looks back with TICKET TO EXILE: a Memoir. Poet Adam David Miller returns to his childhood in Depression-era Orangeburg, South Carolina, to reconstruct the series of events that led to his exile from the South. Interspersed with his poetry, Miller's story takes us to the poor backstreets of his hometown where intricate hierarchies dictate behavior. Miller, an intelligent, well=liked boy, skillfully navigates his way through the structures o this society until the fateful day he hands a forbidden note to a white girl. It reads: "I would like to get to know you better." For this, he is accused of attempted rape. With the threat of death or life imprisonment, he is forced to flee to New York to start a new life. With openness, courage, and wit, Miller shares the joys and heartache of his childhood and by the time he is forced into exile, we realize that this fate was inevitable for a young man too discerning and aware of the limitations of his environment to stay there without disastrous consequences. Adam David Miller has worked in northern California in the arts for four decades as a teacher, writer, poet, editor, publisher, and radio and television producer. His Dices or Black Bones won the California Teachers Association Award for best anthology. He traveled in West Africa as a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow and has read, lectured, and presented workshops in schools and universities throughout the United States and abroad.


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