120 Minutes: Vatican Shadow

Sat Jan 26, 2013
Elbo Room
10pm - 2am
Clubs, Music
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Dominick Fernow might be best known for his industrial incantations under the Prurient moniker, but in recent months his attention has shifted towards a different outlet. Fernow’s interest in electronic music (from the clamorous grind of Muslimgauze to the recently defunct Sandwell District imprint) has been well documented, and it comes to a frothy head with his Vatican Shadow project. Revolving around themes gleaned from Iraq war propaganda and yellowing stacks of newspaper clippings, the tracks on ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ are a perfect representation of Fernow’s modus operandi. Behind a wall of tape hiss, drum machine rhythms beat out memories of early Ministry and AFX while sickly FM synthesizer pads crawl and heave into the abyss. Like much of Fernow’s output prior to this, the emphasis is on society’s darker crevices, but Vatican Shadow is steeped in an alarming mystery and sulfuric smoke that is sure to surprise recent converts.

There is a scene slowly rising to the surface with acts such as Demdike Stare, The Haxan Cloak and Raime renewing our interest in the darker side of industrial electronic music, and Fernow has created a sound with Vatican Shadow that acknowledges this while retaining faded and singular. ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ is electronic music fished from the troubled depths of militarized suspicion, and all the better for it.

Josh Cheon (Dark Entries Records):
Josh grew up 15 minutes outside of New York City, and more specifically The Bank, a goth club that laid the foundations for his obsession with dark synthesizer driven music. Dancing to Q Lazzarus, Cetu Javu and “With Sympathy” era Ministry as well as newer acts like Wolfshiem, Beborn Beton and VNV Nation he eventally got a summer job with Metropolis Records in Philadelphia who released modern EBM and synthpop bands like Wolfshiem, VNV Nation and Covenant as well as classic darkwave band Clan Of Xymox and Bunnydrums. While attending Rutgers University, he became the Music Director for 90.3FM The Core for two years and held internships at Beggars Banquet/4AD/Matador and DFA Records.

i like to get faded and drop a bunch of darkness and bass... i encourage err'body else to do the same... drink good, smoke good... dance.

CHAUNCEY on that crazy shit...

the embodiment of style and grace... NAKO IS ETERNAL. (she's also one of the best dj's this city has ever seen)

120 MINUTES is an audio-visual experience. a dance club which focuses on the dark & bass heavy... atmospheric and enveloping, we bring you late night dreams.

All night residents will spin everything from SALEM to Waka Flocka Flame, from Skinny Puppy to dragged out Nicki Minaj... and all in between; like exclusive remixes as well as custom videos and visuals... and an insane laser and smoke show from FUTUREWEAPONS (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Future-Weapons/164725990257535)


  1. Elbo Room
    647 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA