111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna St, San Francisco , CA
+1 415.974.1719
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Bars, Lounge
Mon (closed)
Tue-Sat (1pm-7pm)
Sun (closed)
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Established in 1993 in downtown San Francisco 111 Minna Gallery is in the business of Art & Leisure. The gallery offers a unique blend of world-class fine art, DJ's, live performance, and film screenings in an elegantly urban and ever-changing 4,000 square foot space. The gallery is open to the public Tuesday through Friday 12-5 pm and nightly on a rotating schedule for special events.



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  • Art Scene

    Feb 11th to Feb 24th
    12/22/2006 by melissa lane

    February hurts. A grayish, coldish wetness stretches interminably ahead, the groundhog saw its shadow and Valentine's is on a Monday. The next two weeks reign in a carnival of creep, cynicism and chea...  More »

  • Octonarius Lunius

    Eight Artists Get Loony
    06/23/2006 by Nirmala Nataraj

    Heres an etymology game that might seem patently obvious: derive the meaning of Octonarius Lunius. Most of you who had your Greek and Latin prefixes drummed into your head in grade school know that...  More »

  • Art-Hopping

    Jan 28th - Feb 10th
    01/28/2005 by melissa lane

    Art SF throws down in their usual creative extravagance to stick it to the Jesus-freaks and office-holding knuckle-draggers. Buckey Sinister hosts "Fuck Your Freedom" on Jan 28th to celebrate civil li...  More »


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